South Africa Zebra 2As soon as a story idea strikes me, I  have to write it down before it disappears on the wind. Most days, story ideas find me. On other days, the writing mojo is a no-show. It’s hard to write when you aren’t in the mood, but I’ve discovered that creativity always shows up, even if it’s only in dribbles. To kick-start my creativity, I turn to poems, photographs, and music for inspiration.

DaffodilsGetting the words on the page to match the story in my head is tricky, but the challenge stimulates me. It’s comforting to hear that this is a common problem for writers.

“It’s all word by word, page by page, with lots of hope thrown in. And bumps.” Jeannine Atkins, Views from a Window Seat.

South Africa Elephant    

Poems, music, and photographs give me that I-can-do-this feeling.